Our Services

On top of our array of products, we also offer end-to-end assistance to our business partners.

Licensing application

We assist companies in securing a License to Operate based on their industry, ie: importation, distribution, advertisement, or manufacturing.

Initial product registration

We offer support in applications for a Certificate of Product Registration (CPR)—to be classified, evaluated, and officially registered with the FDA.


We offer assistance to clients as they go through FDA’s regulatory processes such as licensing and product approval.

Identical Drug Product Application (CLIDP)

We help our business partners file for a Certificate of Product Registration and Listing of Identical Drug Products (CLIDP) for pharmaceutical products that are identical with existing products in terms of manufacturer and formulation.

Importation and warehousing

We have over 30 years of experience in the importation and warehousing of pharmaceutical products and we extend assistance to our business partners in helping ensure that their services are FDA-compliant and adhere to FDA’s good storage practices.

Loyalty and trust breed true partnerships, which is what we aspire here at PNF Pharmaceutical, Inc.